The range currently includes a  chicken, pig, cow sheep, scotty dog, cat, a dachshund. This product is made from reclaimed oak and finished off with food safe Danish oil. Can be used as a heat mat for pans or small bread board or hang on the wall. Approx dimensiosn 29cm head to tail, 12cm wide 1.5cm thick.

Tortoise board

  • Because of the unique nature of wooden boards, and in order to minimise waste, finished boards are a variety of shapes and sizes. Every board will be slightly different, even if cut from the same piece of timber. Boards are dried, cut, sanded smooth, and protected by typically 4 coats of Danish oil which is food friendly. All boards are locally sourced hardwood, and suitable for use as chopping, cutting or serving boards. If a board starts to look dry after a few months I would very lightly sand and re-oil. Boards should be wiped clean with a damp cloth, and not soaked in water or put through a dishwasher!